Sachiko Kaneoya art book “SAC”

So retro, yet so novel; aesthetic, yet living in a mundane world; young males drawn by Kaneoya must be waiting, somewhere deep inside their hearts, for the day that they will be made a mockery of. And they seduce you with their big eyes that “you too should become an accomplice”. That is quite disgraceful. Who can possible fight off their dignified, immoral attractiveness? (Gengoroh Tagame)

From their white knee-high socks and gap of shorts to their dress shirts and shaved bluish faces, Kaneoya stoically and consistently draws the images of young males that can be abundantly seen in everyday life. Her long-awaited first art book captures the unique use of psychedelic colors and humorous descriptions that are enthusiastically supported by both domestic and international fans!
Young male employees, nurses, workers at construction sites, writers, scientists, those in military uniforms, young male princes, ... sometimes boys.
The art book contains 336 pages full of Sachiko Kaneoya, from her early works to new original works, including color pages covering the artwork of a variety of young males, a manga (comic) trilogy “From a Macaroni Factory”, “MIDNIGHT BLUES”, and “Macaroni”, and short manga works.
This valuable art book is limited to only 500 copies. Don’t miss this opportunity!

Beyond the gap between cloth and skin of young males, there expand boundless dreams and romances! Boys be bashful! More virtuously! And more indecently!

Specification: A4 size, 336 pages, priced at JPY 5,800 (excluding tax)
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